About the game

IsdinSunGame is a fun platform-action game that evokes the greatest classic videogames. As one of the IsdinSunProtectors, you will experience an exciting adventure in Magic Island, where the innovative textures of ISDIN products are hidden.

Furthermore, you will enjoy a collectible card game and a section with the best tips to adequately protect yourself from the sun, because educating children about good habits of photoprotection is particularly important to reduce the risk of skin cancer in the future.

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isdinsungame characters isdinsungame isdinSunGame for ISDIN IsdinSunGame juego de cartas IsdinSunGame juego sobre fotoprotección IsdinSunGame

Award for the best pharmaceutical initiative 2014

On 17 March 2014 we won the award for the best Pharmaceutical Initiative in Healthcare Education for IsdinSunGame. The award was granted by Correo Farmacéutico, a renowned newspaper specialised in the pharmaceutical sector.

premio mejor inciativa famacéutica 2014