Today is October 7th, exactly 169 years after Edgar Allan Poe died in strange circumstances in Baltimore, USA. To commemorate this magnificent writer, you can now join this heroic adventure based on his work.

Edgar Allan Poe must escape from a terrifying nightmare, in which his works have come to life. In his flight, the player must recover the words stolen from his stories and poems, as he crosses the skies and the depths of a world devastated by an eternal world war, in his amazing flying quill.

With its easy game system, Allan Poe's Nightmare immerses us in an absorbent steampunk universe with a minimalist style, in which only 4 colors have been used: white, black, green and red. The soundtrack, a selection of the most frenetic pieces by classic authors such as Dvorák, Bach, Chopin, Brahms or Prokofiev, takes the player to another era.

“Allan Poe was a genius who influenced the best writers, from Verne to Conan Doyle to Stephen King. His impressive legacy, his unfortunate career and his tragic end deserve this tribute in the form of a videogame” - Daniel González, designer and scriptwriter of Gametopia.

An excellent way to approach the work of Edgar Allan Poe

Allan Poe´s Nightmare allows the player to discover (or rediscover) the work of this great writer, testing his reflexes through five delirious levels, based, among others, on the poem Annabel Lee or on the story The mask of red death. The player will unlock Chevalier Auguste Dupin's notes, the famous detective created by Poe, to discover who has pushed him into this alternate reality of nightmare and what his true intentions are.

Allan Poe´s Nightmare is waiting for you in the store of Apple, Android and Amazon!

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