Jules Verne has managed to inspire a large number of people in fields as diverse as writing, science or video game development. In addition, he has managed to spread the adventurous spirit that emanates from his books.

Verne: the shape of fantasy is a narrative adventure in pixel art in which Verne, our protagonist, will have to overcome different challenges in a parallel world inhabited by his own creations. To do this you must use what is your greatest gift, as well as something essential for all creators. That powerful weapon is none other than imagination.

Arrival at Gamescom

It’s true that we did not have a balloon or eighty days, but as good adventurers, we didn’t let that throw us back. Armed with courage, we decided to head to Gamescom, the largest video game show in Europe, which took place from August 20th  to 24th, and as usual, the first day the entrance was exclusively for developers.

As soon as we set foot in Cologne, we headed to the central station in search of a train that would bring us closer to our destination. This station is probably part of the route to the enclosure if public transport is used, and it is definitely a must see since right next to it is the impressive Gothic cathedral of the city. Just one stop away is the Koelnmesse Convention Center which, although not comparable, also impresses.

As first-time explorers, we had invested the previous days in analyzing all available information until we felt ready for the event. However, the immensity of the building and all the activities that awaited inside, exceeded our expectations to the point of leaving us speechless.

Playing Verne, the shape of fantasy

Visitors playing Verne, the shape of fantasy

Receiving feedback from visitors

Luckily, this time we have ICEX, a public business entity focused on promoting companies in international markets. Their representatives guided us in our first steps through that maze that we would soon get used to. The treatment was unbeatable and they made sure to provide everything we could need, so we can only recommend it.

As an added advantage, our stand could be part of the Games from Spain section along with other industry partners in our country. Presented its magnificent games, we surround ourselves with the wonderful people of Troglobytes, Novarama and Gato Studio.

Indie Village Gamescom 2019

Playing games at the Indie Village of Gamescom 2019

Another interesting option for anyone who plans to attend with a stand, is the Indie village, where this year a hundred and eight developers from thirty-six different countries met to show their video games.

Regardless of the chosen area, it is a great opportunity to present our video games and collect feedback. Thanks to the reflections of the players, who took the help very seriously, we have been able to reconsider ways to improve the game. To cite an example, one of the most notable major changes we are studying is the difficulty of the platforms. And, although we always look for constructive criticism, we have to say that many made our day happy by congratulating ourselves on the narrative and the art of the game. We were especially excited when those who had already tried the demo, came back to take pictures at the booth or ask us more questions.

As valuable and enriching as this may be, it is important to be aware that the stand is a full-time position, and a very different experience from that of visitors.

Introducing the game to publishers

Another of the great reasons that moves developers to attend Gamescom, is the search for a Publisher. For three days the business zone, where each company and country has its own space to meet, opens to developers. In our case, once again thanks to ICEX, we had the Games from Spain stand.

Meetings are planned in advance through various platforms, although the most popular and the one we recommend is MeetToMatch. In half an hour, both the project and the needs of the study are presented. It’s important to analyze the best way to present the project considering the time limit and the number of meetings that Publishers hold throughout the day. In our case we discovered that it was more effective to do it through a video or presentation than with the full demo.

Verne video game at Gamescom 2019

Link came to try our Verne game at Gamescom 2019 :-)

Undoubtedly, Gamescom can be a very profitable place for study and play, but its best face will always be the one it shows when you go through its different pavilions, knowing new games, trying imminent launches or talking with other developers. It’s a place that causes so many sensations that can only be understood by attending the event. The best way to describe it is by confessing that I was about to fall an average of ten times a day.

Another of the great sensations with which I returned to Spain was with how the industry can join when the developers take care of each other, which many showed us when they came to our stand with smiles, spirits and chocolate.

After a week of rest and reflection, we can say that Gamescom has been a unique and exciting journey that has allowed us to share our history with the world. If you also want to meet her visit our website

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