Allan Poe’s Nightmare, our videogame inspired by the life and work of Edgar Allan Poe will be available next 7th October, celebrating the 169th anniversary of the death of the author. 

Following the most iconic poems and short stories from Poe, you can fly over his mind, lost in a nightmare after a night consuming laudanum. Join him looking for the lost letters from his stories while you run away from his worst enemy, The Red Death.

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”
Edgar Allan Poe

With just one finger you can control Poe’s flight through the sky in his flying feather. You must avoid bombs, buildings and smoke,  while the laudanum and the ink will be your biggest ally in your mission to get back the lost letters.

Through the unlockable tabs of Chevalier Auguste Dupin, the famous investigador created by Poe, you will discover additional information about history and the world.

Enjoy the attractive art of illustrations with steampunk aesthetics, formed by only four colors, which, together with the classical music soundtrack, will make you enjoy an incredible experience while you discover the stories and poems that changed the way tell stories.

Allan Poe is waiting for you next October 7th. Are you ready to join your adventure?

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