In “Verne: The Shape of Fantasy” you put yourself in Jules Verne’s shoes to venture into the dangers of Hemera, a fantastic parallel world, built from his own imagination. A narrative pixel art game that drives you, through exploration and puzzle-solving, to the most coveted secret of the mighty Atlantis, in the midst of a dystopian world war.

And the discovery of this GREAT SECRET of Atlantis is what this four-issue webcomic series is about... 

...Which we proudly present: “Stories of Hemera”, a microseries that plunges into the multi-layered lore of the world in which “Verne” takes place, to reveal some of the most important events of its history and add detail to what is already told in the game.

As Aitor Garay (game concept artist and author of this series) puts it: “Verne, video games and comic books... Ain’t it pretty to live in a transmedia world that allows you to mix all these wonderful things?”

We hope you will enjoy the reading as much as we have enjoyed rendering it. 

Jules Verne Webcomic

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