Pixel art, steampunk, and storytelling: these are the three main ingredients of the still-in-development project of Gametopia, based on the life and works of Jules Verne, THE sci-fi writer. 

This narrative experience set in an alternative 1888 Earth called Hemera, puts the player into the shoes of Verne himself and drags him/her through a journey filled with enigmas, legends and adventure, inspired by the world presented in “Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”.

In this new trailer, we introduces new scenes and the voices of Caspar Jones (as Jules Verne) and Sarah Davidson (as Second Officer Edrielle). Bit by bit, the world of Hemera is coming to life in front of our eyes… from our imagination to our PC and Mac screens (Gods willing, also to Nintendo Switch). 

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Daniel González

Daniel González

Creative director of Gametopia.

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